The population continues to grow,
and consumption of marine products continues to increase.

Natural fish catches have already reached their peak,
and marine aquaculture is rapidly expanding around the world.
As a result, the environmental impact of fish droppings and leftover feed is becoming an
increasing problem.

To leave delicious fish and beautiful nature to the next generation.
What we need now is land-based aquaculture that does not depend on the sea.

We, FRD Japan, will create a future where freshly caught, safe and secure fish can be produced
anywhere in the world using a Closed RAS system.
// About okasodachi

Land-farmed raw salmon from Chiba Prefecture


OKASODACHI island-cultured fresh salmon from Chiba Prefecture.

You can enjoy the freshness that only domestic raw salmon can provide all year round.

OKASODACHI is a sustainable, antibiotic-free, ASC-certified, and earth-friendly salmon.

OKASODACHI realizes the compatibility between human society and the natural environment from the perspective of fish.

// our technology

A Closed RAS system realizes a sustainable future for food.


FRD Japan’s Closed RAS system uses a unique filtration technology that utilizes bacteria.

It makes it possible to conduct aquaculture while circulating water with minimum exchange.

It can prevent marine pollution

Earth-friendly culture methods that do not pollute oceans and rivers.

No need for seawater cooling costs

Dramatically reduces electricity costs, which have been a bottleneck for land-based aquaculture.

It can be cultured "anytime, anywhere."

Delivery of the freshest fish all year round from the suburbs of consumption areas with minimal transportation costs.

No risk of fish diseases from seawater

Enables stable production without the use of antibiotics.

// our projects

Trout Salmon Land Culture Project

Demonstration experiment plant

Fish species : Salmon trout (Large rainbow trout)
Production : 30 tons / year
Saitama Plant (from hatching to 6th month)
Location : Iwatsuki Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
Start of operation : December 2017

Kisarazu Plant (6th month to shipment)
Location : Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture
Start of operation : July 2018
First shipment : April 2019

Commercial plant

Fish species : Salmon trout (Large rainbow trout)
Production : 3,500 tons / year

Location : Futtsu City, Chiba
Start of construction : July 2023




// our team

Human resources with diverse backgrounds
gather under the keyword "land aquaculture"

Tetsuro Sogo CEO

Yoichi Tsuji COO

Yoshikazu Koizumi CTO


"We open up the potential of aquaculture."
Will you dedicate your expertise, career, and passion to this challenge?

// latest NEWS

Latest News

We will send you the latest information about FRD Japan and “OKASODACHI”.

FRD Japan to Construct a Commercial Land-based Aquaculture Plant for Rainbow Trout in Chiba, Japan

FRD Japan Co., Ltd. (“FRD”, Representatives: Yoichi Tsuji and Tetsuro Sogo) has decided to construct a commercial land-based aquaculture plant for trout farming (“Commercial Plant”) in Chiba, Japan. With the operation of the Commercial Plant, FRD aims to produce 3,500 metric tons of trout annually starting in 2027. In addition, FRD will raise funds through a third-party allocation of new

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“Okasodachi” salmon is now available on the renewal menu of THE THOUSAND KYOTO Italian restaurant “SCALAE”! [10/1 (Friday) ~]

The new “SCALAE” will be a “restaurant that creates a lot of” WOW!” by spreading a food culture that will lead to the future,” including the sommelier team, service staff, and space. New menu with “Okasodachi” salmon “Okasodachi” salmon is used in the fish dishes offered at the lunch course in October and November.Please enjoy the taste of “Okasodachi” salmon

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9/18 (Sat)~28 (Tue), enjoy “Okasodachi” at “Sustainable Week Lunch Box”!

From Saturday, September 18th to Tuesday, September 28th, Sustainability Week “Okaimono that will lead to the future” (Afu no Wa 2030) will be held. Afu no Wa 2030 is an initiative to consider the sustainability of food and agriculture, forestry and fisheries in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Consumer Affairs Agency, and Ministry of the Environment.

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Salmon trout “Okasodachi” in KURKKU FIELDS

KURKKU FIELDS is the Sustainable farm & park that combines “agriculture,” “food,” and “art.” There are works by Yayoi Kusama, playsets that you can play in nature, restaurants and shops, and both adults and children can enjoy it. Actually, you can eat salmon as well here! There are many menus that have been devised using salmon, such as salmon herb

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