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Salmon trout “Okasodachi” in KURKKU FIELDS

KURKKU FIELDS is the Sustainable farm & park that combines “agriculture,” “food,” and “art.”
There are works by Yayoi Kusama, playsets that you can play in nature, restaurants and shops, and both adults and children can enjoy it.

Actually, you can eat salmon as well here!

There are many menus that have been devised using salmon, such as salmon herb wrapping, salmon burger, and smoked salmon!

KURKKU FIELDS barbecue plans also include salmon.

In addition, along with carefully selected fresh meat and fish in Chiba prefecture, you can enjoy the sausages produced on the premises, fresh organic vegetables and herbs unique to the farm, homemade sauces, etc. that are kind to the body and full of volume.

Only KURKKU FIELDS can enjoy seasonal salmon recipes!

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■ Admission fee
free (Information as of the update date. It may be changed to paid)

■ Business hours
10: 00-17: 00
Dining is from 11:00 to 17:00 (L.O.16:00)

■ Closed days
Tuesday / Wednesday (If it is a national holiday, transfer it to the next day)
(Even on days other than the above, it may be closed due to weather conditions.)

■ Facility information
Wheelchairs and strollers are not available for rent, barrier-free facilities (some facilities have stairs), nursing rooms and diaper changing sheets are available, and food and drink cannot be brought in.