Shintaro Inoue

Previous job: Plant engineering company
Position: Commissioning of oil plants and thermal power stations

His previous job was at an engineering company, where he worked in the test operation department. Based on the skills he had acquired at his last job, he started looking for a new job because he wanted to challenge a new field. He found out about FRD Japan from a friend who was a consultant and met with Tsuji and Sogo via Wantedly. Although the company is engaged in aquaculture, he was impressed by the engineering technology supporting it and decided to join.

From a plant engineering company to an aquaculture venture. How I decided to change jobs and joined the company

When I was a student and looking for a job, I wanted to have the ability to work anywhere in the world. So, I joined an engineering company because I wanted to speak English and work in foreign countries. My wishes came true. In my previous job, I could work in various countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States in a challenging environment with different people, which led me to experience growth. On the other hand, the world is now calling for renewable energy and sustainable development and I felt that I needed to acquire the technology the world requires and grow further to work as a plant engineer for the next few decades.

I consulted with a career change consultant friend of mine. When I heard about FRD Japan as an exciting company, I contacted them through Wantedly.

After meeting with Tsuji and Sogo and touring the Kisarazu plant, I became convinced that although FRD Japan is an aquaculture company, it is the engineering technology that supports it and could learn new technology while utilizing my strengths. The company has solid goals and an open corporate culture, which immediately gave me an image of myself working here. I could make up my mind to join the company.

Seeking to grow as an engineer and find a job that the world needs

My main goal in my career was to be able to work anywhere and with anyone. In my previous job, this wish came true and I had the opportunity to work with various people in various countries via English. However, I felt that the world was changing, and the technology needed by the world was also changing. I began to think that I should venture out into those fields as an engineer.
FRD Japan’s technology can realize land-based aquaculture that does not depend on the sea. I was confident that the world would need this technology, so I was not worried.

A plant design with soul that transcends departments.

In my previous job, the division of work was so advanced that it was difficult for me to learn about technologies and know-how outside of my department. FRD Japan divides business into three main areas, facilities, aquaculture, and sales. However, each of these areas is inseparable and closely related to each other in terms of work. In planning facilities, it is necessary to have a good understanding of aquaculture and sales. When designing a new aquaculture farm, representatives from facilities, aquaculture, and sales gather to discuss the project. If we can pursue this, I believe we will develop an ideal plant design full of soul and compatible with all three parties: facilities, aquaculture, and sales.

Challenging to a new world, there is no textbook.

Currently, Tsuji and I are in charge of designing a new aquaculture plant, and we face the drawings every day. There are no established design standards for Closed RAS plants, even in the world. The current situation is that designs are constructed based on the experience and achievements of each company. Since the correct answer has not been established, many technical discussions are required to achieve the goal. For this reason, we proceed with plant design while communicating with domestic and overseas manufacturers.
Though simply proceeding with design from the perspective of equipment would be inadequate, many insights are generated through internal discussions that include aquaculture and sales perspectives. I try to apply these insights to further technical studies and refine them to create highly reliable designs.


I never thought that I would change jobs. Many were surprised when I talked to people close to me. However, big changes in the world had already begun. My desire to do the work required by the world encouraged my decision. The challenge of working in an unprecedented environment is tough but exciting. I am looking forward to working with you.


"We open up the potential of aquaculture."
FRD Japan is looking for human resources to challenge together