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“Okasodachi” salmon is now available on the renewal menu of THE THOUSAND KYOTO Italian restaurant “SCALAE”! [10/1 (Friday) ~]

The new “SCALAE” will be a “restaurant that creates a lot of” WOW!” by spreading a food culture that will lead to the future,” including the sommelier team, service staff, and space. New menu with “Okasodachi” salmon “Okasodachi” salmon is used in the fish dishes offered at the lunch course in October and November.Please enjoy […]

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9/18 (Sat)~28 (Tue), enjoy “Okasodachi” at “Sustainable Week Lunch Box”!

From Saturday, September 18th to Tuesday, September 28th, Sustainability Week “Okaimono that will lead to the future” (Afu no Wa 2030) will be held. Afu no Wa 2030 is an initiative to consider the sustainability of food and agriculture, forestry and fisheries in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Consumer Affairs Agency, […]